Friday, February 10, 2012

fridays are for fightin'

today i awoke with a rather large list of to-do's in my head. hit some estate sales, sort/clean/price inventory, work on the website, clean the house, show an apartment. i also awoke with a migraine in said head. a battle ensued. the migraine won for awhile. i skipped the sales and stayed in bed a bit. then i decided to fight through. i'm still not feeling great, but with a mountain of vintage goods to deal with, and a desire to have a life, i couldn't let the migraine win.

here's to fightin' through! what are you battling today?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


when you live in a small apartment, and run several businesses out of said apartment, keeping things organized is essential, at least if you don't want to go completely crazy! so today i am grateful for:

fun vintage things to use as storage...

i found this great drawer unit at the Funky Junk Show this past fall.  i recently found a mate for it at Goodwill! it will soon be replacing that white cabinet on the left. 

funky old office organizer, turned embroidery thread storage. i love the color of this one!

handy mini drawers for small things. my sweet mister even made illustrated labels for them!

i'm a bit of a locker basket addict! here's a few holding some of my numerous craft supplies. 

i find old safe deposit boxes very useful. i even have the combos for all of these so they can double as cash boxes.  right now they're holding all my packaging supplies for the businesses. 

oh look, another locket basket! i especially love the long basket on the top shelf.  Melissa from re.stock and i found matching ones at a crazy sale in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle years ago. 

more pretty greens. this drawer currently holds all our sweet treats in the kitchen. 

what's that i see? yep- more locker baskets! 

i've had this crate from the National Tea Co. in Denver since i was in high school

a great old milk bottle crate sits near the door, holding my everyday shoes (yes, i have a lot of Toms!). 
i'd love to know- what are you grateful for this week? 

Monday, February 6, 2012

new arrivals

my apologies for the silence here over the last few days. i do have a bit of an excuse though- i've been busy gathering up new goods for both the vintage mall space and the farm chicks booth!

here's a peek...

sweet cow creamer

a travel bar set! 

the cutest little 'baby brownie' camera

antique car horn- still working

some fun odds and ends

horse photo and some new frogs (i'm contemplating keeping all of these)!

cool world map mini trash can 

brass directional light 

a whole stack of suitcases!

a plethora of old atlas canning jars (love that green color)

a whole bunch of great office supplies

so that's what i've been up to. now to get it all organized and cleaned up! what have you been up to?
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