Friday, March 30, 2012

finds to fancy

happy friday everyone!

i'm taking the day off from a finds to fancy post, so i can enjoy my time in California, but to tide you over, i'd love for you to check out a site i mentioned earlier this week...

{photo via My Favorite Find}
My Favorite Find, the new venture from The Farm Chicks' Serena Thompson, is like a 24/7 finds to fancy post! check it out today to see what others are finding, and even add your own (but make sure to share them with me too!).

i know you'll love it!

i'll see you all next, week, when i'm back in Seattle! have a great weekend- hope you find lots of good stuff out there !

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a curated life

i didn't have a reader submission for today's curated life, but last night as we pulled into our motel in Pasadena i spotted a cool old motel sign and a little inspiration hit me, so instead of sharing a collection of things i've gathered, it's a collection of photos i've snapped over the last few years!

i love old metal signs, especially if they also happen to be neon and i can never resist photographing the really great ones when i see them.

Pasadena, CA
Pasadena, CA
i'm a little curious if they really still have waterbeds! can you imagine?
Pasadena, CA
Coney Island, NY
Coney Island, NY
Coney Island, NY
Yakima, WA

how are you curating your life? i'd love to share your collection here at Gather and Hunt! email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com.

california girl

{image via AllPosters
happy thursday from Pasadena! the mister and i arrived last night and so far are enjoying this sunny city! if you follow gather and hunt on the various social media outlets, then you've probably seen some of these photos, but if not- here's a peek at our trip so far...

preparing for takeoff

love flights when you can watch the sun set

do we look excited?

a little late night snack at Tops- a great little burger joint that's been around since the 50's!

the first palm tree of the morning. palm trees make me feel like i'm a totally different land- they're so different from any trees i've ever lived around! 

before i dropped the mister off for the day we took a quick stroll around campus and snapped some shots (nice face i'm making in this one eh?)

love the desert vegetation we don't see up in the NW

the mister outside the library he will be spending loads of time at in the coming years

little outfit snap, complete with palm tree in the background! 
the mister has meetings on campus all day, so i'm playing it solo and checking out Pasadena. i'm currently sitting in Intelligentsia, enjoying a latte and the work space, but i'm heading out soon to check out the shops, scout out potential places for me to set up shop in the future, and gather some photos for today's curated life post (an unusual, but fun, one today) which i'll post later this afternoon!

hope your thursday is going great!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


today, as i make some last minute preparations for our trip to what will be our future home, i am grateful for our present home- the lovely Seattle...

from our landmarks...

to the beauty of every season here...

yes it may rain, a lot...

but the sun always comes back...

and the days end in beauty...

leading to lovely nights. 

i'm excited for the adventure ahead of the mister and i, but Seattle will always hold a special place in my heart. i have loved this city and the people in it for the last 9 years and i always will, no matter where life may take me. i ♥ Seattle!

what do you have gratitude for today? leave a comment and let me know!

tomorrow, look for a special curated life post- direct from sunny California! and if you want to follow along on our SoCal adventure, find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (my username is danaerolyn), or Instagrid for non-iPhone users)! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

random roundup

today, instead of a tried and true post, i'd like to introduce another occasional feature: random roundup. sometimes there are things i'd love to share here, but they don't really fit into any particular category, so occasionally i'll just round them all up and share them anyway! here we go...

Significant Object Challenge
an object from the Significant Objects project
{photo via Significant Objects}

Rob Walker, who created the project Significant Objects (now a book), a challenge to writers to create a fictional backstory for weird and mundane objects, which were then auctioned off on Ebay with their new backstory, is at it again. together with Kurt Anderson, Walker picked three objects from a Manhattan thrift store and is challenging you to create a backstory for the object and submit it. Walker will judge the entries and choose a winner. the prize? the object itself! here's a little video with more:

i love projects like these because they challenge us all to look at discarded objects with new eyes. one of the reasons i love what i do is the joy of seeing something with it's own history that i've gathered find new life and a continued history, whether in my own home, or one of my customer's homes. i think the Significant Objects challenge offers the chance to imagine a new life for the silly objects they picked.

to enter the challenge, visit Studio 360.

{photo and layout via Antique Archeology}
Kid Pickers

speaking of history, Mike Wolfe, of American Pickers fame, has a passion for experiencing history through the object he collects. now, he wants to pass that passion on to a new generation with his new project, Kid Pickers. the project, which features a secure (and COOPA compliant) website for kids to share their own finds and learn more about 'pickin', will also include events (with proceeds going to charity) at Mike's Nashville Antique Archeology store, as well as a book for kids.

it's exciting to see a new generation getting excited about history through the things of the past, and it sounds like Kid Pickers is a great place to get your child started in pickin'.

My Favorite Find

{photo via My Favorite Find}
another website, that just debuted last week, offerring a place for anyone to share the things they find, comes from the lovely Serena Thompson from The Farm Chicks. Serena started My Favorite Find as a place for people to go to share their vintage/antique/junk finds, as well as find information about events and shops in their area where new things can be found.

i had mixed emotions when the site first launched, because i've been working on some similar functionality to add to the mix here at Gather and Hunt and it always bums me out when someone beats me to the punch (this happens to me frequently it seems!), but all that's faded because My Favorite Find is really a great site with helpful resources, a good interface, and an amazing woman at the helm! it definitely meets a need in the vintage world and it's exciting to see people's finds added daily! i encourage you to stop by and explore the site!

What's Country Now

{photo via Heather Bullard}
i wouldn't necessarily consider my style to be 'country', but i do love Country Living magazine, especially the direction they've taken over the last few years. i always find decorating inspiration, as well as recipes and project ideas in the pages.

recently, Country Living put out a 'What's Country Now' issue, highlighting their editors picks for all the trends in country. it's a great issue with a lot of really cool things and people featured, but they're expanding on the topic on their website and recently did a post asking some bloggers 'What's Country Now'?

{photo via Wisteria}

the bloggers featured include:

Serena, who i just mentioned, from The Farm Chicks and My Favorite Find
Victoria Smith from SF Girl By Bay
Amy Merrick from Emerson Merrick and Design Sponge
Heather Bullard from Heather Bullard (who also styled the cover of the March issue)
Eddie Ross from Eddie Ross

and many more!

even if the term 'country' makes you cringe and brings up images of blue wallpaper borders with geese, i think you may be surprised at what you find on the Country Living site- give it a try!

what random things are you excited about this week? share your links in the comments so we can all join in!

Monday, March 26, 2012

{original photo via}

the mister and i are headed to southern California in a few days and i am really looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temps! it's not really a vacation, since we're visiting in order to check out the campus where Bill has been accepted into a PhD program and to get a sense of where we'd like to look for our new home down there (barring any major obstacles, it looks like we'll be moving to SoCal at the end of the summer!), i'm hoping we'll have at least an afternoon to do something fun and enjoy the sunshine!

vintage postcard available at Moodys Collectibles

now, i've only been to the Los Angeles area once, when i was in college, so most of my notions about it are based off of television, with a few of the blogs i've started following from folks who live down there mixed in. in fact, until about a month ago i was really not too keen on the idea of moving down there, but now i'm actually feeling excited for the change and have been scouring the internet for inspiration! if you're a native to the area, please don't laugh too much at my naivete, but these are a few of the things i've been dreamin' of since we started planning this adventure...

{photo via Liz Law}
possibly the thing i am most excited for- the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which happens in Pasadena, where we'll be living! unfortunately since we're not visiting on the 2nd weekend of the month i won't be able to check it out on this trip, so for now i'm living vicariously thorough other bloggers who have visited, including oh joy! who was so kind to let me use the lovely photo spread below, originally from one of her blog posts. 

{photos and layout via oh joy!}
doesn't Pasadena look lovely? then again, what doesn't look lovely on a vintage postcard?
{image via Pasadena Snob}

maybe i'll trade the truck in for a vintage woody! it'd be great for hauling home things i find on the hunt right?
{photo via Tiki Pop}
i'll probably never be a surfer, but these lovely ladies in their amazing swimsuits make me wish i was!
{photo via National Geographic}
Ginger Rogers makes beach life look so effortless!
{photo via A Certain Cinema}
now life in SoCal will certainly be a bit different from life here in Seattle (most of our beaches are rocky and freezing!), so there are a a few things on my California dreamin' shopping list...

{photo via and suit available at Best of Times Vintage}

{photo via and suit available at Guermantes Vintage}

{photo via and suit available at Little Stars Vintage}
{photo via and suit available at Created and Collected}
i'm normally a bit loathe to wear a bathing suit, but if i had one as cute as these i think i'd be a little more excited for days in the pool or at the beach!

{photo via and trunks available at ilonaanne}
{photo via and trunks available at Dingaling Vintage}
{photo via and trunks available at Jerry and Louise}

i don't think my mister would wear swim trunks like these in a million years, but i would be so pleased if he would!

{photo via and glasses available at Curious Crow Vintage}

{photo via and glasses available at I Found Vintage}

{photo via and glasses available at Retro Eyewear}

{photo via and glasses available at Vita Bread}

i certainly don't need another pair of sunglasses (i have a bit of an addiction), but if i did- i'd want all of these!

{photo via and bag available at A Little Modern}
{photo via and bag available at CZ Vintage}
{photo via and bag available at Pineapple Mint}
{photo via and bag available at Sorcery}
no beach trip is complete without a cute tote to carry everything you need right? and with these straw and plastic options you can just shake the sand right out!

now i'm even more excited for our trip! i'd probably better start packing! hopefully this cold/flu thing i've been battling will go ahead and die before we leave town- travelling when you're sick is the worst!

i hope your week is off to a great start! make sure to stop by throughout the week- Thursday and Friday i'll even be doing some special posts, direct from California!
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