Friday, April 13, 2012

finds to fancy

happy friday everyone!

wow, it seems like forever since i've posted, even though i really only skipped a day! i hope you'll forgive me for the lack of a curated life this week- i was tending to the toddler daughter of some friends while they were busy having a new baby! to all you stay at home moms out there- i salute you- i was exhausted by the end of the day!

i've been out on hunt all morning and i found some fun things! i've got lots of prep to do so i can take things to the space at the Vintage Mall for the weekend, so today's post is a quick one.

remember the cool, red laundry hamper that Melissa shared in a finds to fancy back in February? well look at what i found today...

a blue one almost just like Melissa's! we have a knack for finding similar items, so it doesn't even really surprise me that i found one so much like her's. unfortunately for me, since i don't have a laundry room, i won't be keeping this one. that's good news for all of you who are planning on coming to The Farm Chicks Show though- since i'll be bringing it with me to the show!

what did you find this week? i'd love to share your very own finds to fancy- email me and we'll set it up!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


yesterday i finally managed to make it to the UW Surplus store on the one day a week they let the general public in! i didn't score as big as i was hoping to, mainly because i haven't been in a while and was not aware that people are now lining up an hour before they open, so a lot of folks beat me to things, but i did find some cool things like a whole box of bulldog clips! 

bulldog clips are one of my favorite utilitarian things and i always nab the old ones i find at estate sales. they're super useful in a variety of ways and i like their industrial style. they come in a range of sizes, and sometimes even with magnets attached so you can use them on the fridge or filing cabinet. 

one of my favorite ways to use them is for hanging art. framing things can be a bit spendy and since none of the art we have right now is super precious, i just use the clips to hang it all up! this method also offers the option to eventually frame things, since the clips don't damage the pieces. 

even when i use other methods to hang things, the small bulldog clips work nicely as a weight to help keep posters from curling.

the clips also work well on inspiration boards, again when you don't want to damage the item you're hanging up. i have several screen prints i keep above my desk that i would like to frame someday, so for now they hang out on my inspiration area (aka the back of my mister's desk).

it may be a small, silly thing, but gratitude is not just for the big things right? finding little things to be thankful for in everyday life is important too and that box of clips brought a little extra gratitude to my week. (oh, and don't worry, i'm not keeping the whole box to myself! you'll find some in my booth at the farm chicks show).

what do you have gratitude for this week?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

tried and true

tried and true is back after a short break, and this week we're getting to know a heritage brand that is celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year!

to celebrate 100 years, photographer Randall Ford is recreating vintage LL Bean catalog covers all year long!
{photo by Randall Ford, via LL Bean}
the spring catalog cover- love the expression on the mom's face!
{photo by Randall Ford, via LL Bean}
launched in 1912, LL Bean was started by Leon Leonwood Bean with the 'Maine Hunting Shoe', a boot that is still sold by the company today. throughout the company's 100 year history, they have added hundreds of thousands of products that are durable, affordable (especially for the durability), and classically styled, in most cases. 

{vintage maine hunting shoes and photo via The Vintagerie}
for those who may think 'lumberjack' when you hear LL Bean, you may be surprised to see what they offer. recently they even added a new premium line- LL Bean Signature- and the clothes and accessories coming out under the Signature line are wonderfully stylish while remaining durable and classic. 

{poplin dress and photo via LL Bean}

{whip cord suit and photo via LL Bean}

{canvas & leather hobo bag and photo via LL Bean}

{canvas work jacket and photo via LL Bean}
personally, i love the footwear LL Bean makes- i own both a pair of 'Bean Boots' and the 'Wicked Good Slippers'... 

my boots are now almost five years old and still look brand new. they're perfect for Seattle- since it rarely snows enough to require full snow boots, the bootie style i chose is great year round and the durable leather and rubber construction holds up nicely in the rain and mud. they're my go to estate sale shoe since you never know what you're going to encounter out there!

the slippers, a sheepskin moccasin completely lined in shearling, are like clouds for your feet. shearling, a naturally wicking material, keeps moisture away from your feet so they're comfortable on cold and warm days alike. the rubber soles keep me from slipping around our hardwood floors, and are even sturdy enough to run the trash out to the alley in!

an early LL Bean tag
{photo via The William Brown Project}
have you tried LL Bean? i'd love to know what you think! and don't forget- if you have a tried and true product or brand, i'd love to feature it here- email me and we'll set something up!

if you're interested in learning more about LL Bean's history, be sure to visit their blog, where they're celebrating 100 years of LL Bean all year long! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter: our day in pictures

happy monday everyone! the sun is shining in Seattle so it really does feel like a happy day here- i hope it's the same for you!

my mister, my mom, and i had a lovely Easter and i took tons of photos so i thought i'd share them with you! i even made my first ever photoshop collage attempt (it took me forever, so i only did it with one series of photos, but hopefully i'll get better and faster at it soon)!

easter 'baskets'
we colored a few eggs...
...and played with the bubbles from our easter baskets under the cherry trees

they're a little crazy, but we had fun!
my mom gave me a little Pyrex refrigerator dish with a lid- it's the turquoise Amish Butterprint pattern, which i collect!
pretty vintage easter postcard
daffodils we got to take home from church
so cheery!
we had a very colorful meal, with multicolored carrots...
...and new potatoes.
aren't the purple ones stunning?
i decided on a simple, slightly rustic table for the meal
lots of turquoise glass 
my favorite flower lately- ranunculus
i love this tiny little bottle
a flower frog being used for it's intended purpose (i hardly ever do that, even though i have tons of them)!
a little candle glow
a nice little collection
my mom even brought over her vintage Lu-Ray plates to match the palette for the day 
we ate kind of late, so the photos aren't great, but we had a wonderful dinner of pork loin, asparagus, roasted potatoes and glazed carrots. 
the day ended with the first cheesecake i've made in probably 9 years (which was also a belated birthday cake for my mister). 

how was your easter? if you've shared your photos on your blog or photo site, i'd love for you to leave the link in the comments so we can all see!
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