Friday, April 20, 2012

finds to fancy

yesterday i spotted this sad looking blue case at an estate sale...

ever the optimist, i set my bag of other goodies down and opened the case up. expecting to find an ugly, broken typewriter inside (like most of the typewriters i find out here), i was completely floored to find this inside instead...

amazing! such a lovely color and it even had it's manual and the dust cover in addition to the case! i've never found one with it's dust cover intact!

i love it so much i want to keep it! i think i should probably let it go live with someone else though- i already have a cute grey one, and with a move coming up, this is no time to start another collection!

what have you found this week? i'd love if you'd share! as always, just email your finds to me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com.

today i'm out on the hunt with the bestie over in her home base- Yakima, Washington. i'm excited to see what we find! if you want to keep tabs on what we're gathering, follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (my username is danaerolyn) or Instagrid for those without 'smart' phones.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend and happy hunting!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

a curated life

today we're taking a look, not at one of my collections, or even one of yours (which i love best), but at a rather famous collection- the Musee Mechanique.

{photo via Wikipedia, edits by moi}
the Musee Mechanique, located in San Francisco, is a museum of working antique and vintage penny arcade games and mechanically operated musical instruments, and is one of the largest privately owned collections of such games. Edward Zelinksky, the collector of all these contraptions, began his collection at the age of 11 and exhibited it at Playland, an amusement park that operated from the early 1900's until 1972 in San Francisco. after the closure of Playland, the collection was moved to the basement of the famous Cliff House until renovations forced another move, this time to Fisherman's Wharf, where it remains today.

'Laughing Sal', one of the more well known (and slightly terrifying) attractions. 

the mister and i visited the Musee Mechanique last winter, and though the pictures are not amazing (very bad lighting in there), i thought it would be fun to share some of the highlights.

the mister conquering some sort of space themed arcade game. 
though i look happy, i'm pretty sure i lost at this hi-ball esque game!

such an unusual pin ball theme!
skee ball- our favorite! of course we had to play a few rounds.

this is one of my favorites
love the 60's era photo booth they have! 
now that's a dedicated collector, right? if you're ever in San Francisco, i'd encourage you to check out the Musee Mechanique. admission is free, and the games are only a quarter or two to play- well worth your time and quarters!

as always- i'd love to see your collections too! send me a message at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com, and we'll talk!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


the other day my mister and i were talking about how much use i've gotten out of my iPhone. i waited a while before getting a smart phone, but boy- how much easier certain aspects of life have gotten since i made the jump! so, today, i'm grateful for something decidedly non-vintage- my phone!

the pretty side of my phone!

but what's a smart phone without apps? not much, that's what! so i thought i'd also share some of my favorite apps of late...

for photos:


i know, i know, Instagram is old news, but it has remained one of my favorites. i love that you can take a photo that might not be perfect and make it look a lot better with one of their signature filters. the social aspect of it is also a lot of fun! for you android users- if you haven't already heard, Instagram is now available for you too! free.


this is one of my new favorites. it's a typography app that allows you to create images with type on your phone and then save them or send them to social media sites, including Instagram. i had fun playing with some of the different fonts on this free app...

Photo Frame HD.

this is an easy to use app for combining multiple photos from your phone into one image. there are a range of layout options and you can save, email, tweet, or send to Instagram each image. free and paid versions available.

for home and work:

Zip List.

this is a great app for managing your shopping lists! you can make multiple lists, keep a recipe box, even add items to your list from recipes you find on tons of the best food websites online! you can also access it online, so my mister (who doesn't have a smart phone) can add things to the list from work, and they automatically sync to my phone. free.


this one is great for fashionistas- load photos of your own clothes, create mood boards, keep track of your outfit inspirations, and more! i like it for the packing list- you can make outfit lists for each day of your trip and then create a packing list. $3.99. 

an easy to use app that lets you scan a product's barcode and then compare prices online. it also works as a QR code reader. free.

an amazing app for anyone who likes to decorate (and even professionals like stylists and designers). you can browse thousands of interior photos, create idea books, and even shop, all from this one app! it's great for on the go inspiration and even syncs with their full website. free. 

this app from Sherwin Williams lets you match a paint color to any photo on your phone! it'll also suggest coordinating colors and help you create a custom palette. free. 

this free app turns your phone into a level! it's great for hanging pictures, and can be calibrated so it maintains accuracy. 

another great iHandy app, this is one of the brightest phone flashlights available. i love it for estate sales when i don't feel like carrying my mini maglite around. free. 

i spend a lot of time driving for my business. i've tried notebooks, saving my GoogleMap print outs, emailing myself the directions to every estate sale and saving them to enter later, you name it. i just wasn't able to use any of those systems consistently, but MileTracker has changed that- it's so easy to use, and since it's on my phone it's with me everywhere i go! no more missed mileage deductions for me! $2.99 

for those who aren't hip to Square yet- you've got to try it! an affordable payment processing service/free card reader device that has no contract required and runs off your phone or iPad, Square has changed the lives of many small business owners, myself included. i'm now able to take credit cards wherever i have a cell phone or wifi signal, and i don't have to set up an expensive long term contract with a bank! Square even lets your customers sign on the screen and then have the receipt emailed or text messaged to them. the fees are affordable, and the extra sales you gain from taking credit cards more than makes up for them. Square has even recently rolled out a register system and the ability to pay with Square. free (except for processing fees). 

for fun:

Country Living's Treemail.

this fun app let's you 'carve' a message in the tree of your choice and then send it to whoever you choose. it's sweet, silly, and a lot of fun too! $.99

what apps do you love or find useful? share them in the comments so we can all check them out!

Monday, April 16, 2012

new arrivals

last week was a busy one here at gather and hunt and the space at the Fremont Vintage Mall is now much more fully stocked than it has been recently!

here's a look at some of the new arrivals...

if you're in Seattle, stop on by the Fremont Vintage Mall and take a look! the vendors there are bringing new items in every day- you never know what you'll find!
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