Friday, May 25, 2012

a little something

happy friday friends! i'm about to begin the major sanding and painting projects in order to finish getting the goods ready for the Farm Chicks Show, but i thought i'd leave you with a peek at a project i checked off the list yesterday (thanks to the help of my sweet mama)...

i thought it would be fun to bring a little green to the booth at Farm Chicks this year so my mama (whose thumb is much greener than mine) helped me plant all these fun sedums yesterday. sedums, sometimes called 'step-ons' are super hearty and drought resistant so they're great for folks like me who have a hard time keeping plants alive. i think they look so good in all these different containers, including those vintage wax paper cups (i found an entire case of them, and will be splitting them up so others can find fun ways to use them). all of the containers, plants included, will be for sale at Farm Chicks.

i hope you all have fun plans for the upcoming long weekend! if you're looking for some ideas for your memorial day bbq table, head over to Kristen Pot Pie. Kristen, a fellow Seattle blogger, has a fun idea for repurposing some vintage cheese graters!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

apologies (and new arrivals)

good morning! first off, my apologies for skipping a wednesday gratitude post this week. those are one of my favorites to write, but i just didn't have any time yesterday!

i'd love to say i'm one of those really organized bloggers who has a whole arsenal of posts saved up to use in busy times, but i'm not (yet). so, to be honest, i will probably be skipping blogging most days in the coming week and a half. with the Farm Chicks Show a little over a week away, it's crunch time around here and most of my waking hours are filled with prepping all the fun goods i've been saving up over the last year. i'll try to at least post some photos every day and i'll be on instagram, facebook, and twitter- so you can keep up on my progress. hopefully i'll fit a few posts in as well, but no promises.

for today- i have a few new arrivals at the space in the Fremont Vintage Mall to share with you...

thanks for your patience in the coming days! i look forward to getting back on a normal schedule in June and sharing a few posts about Farm Chicks too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tried and true

today's tried and true is one of my favorite magazine's lately-one that's been around since 1978- Country Living. yep, you read that correctly- Country Living.

now i know that many of you may have something like this in your head when you hear Country Living...

{photo via Joe's Paper Shack}
this is the Country Living i grew up with- dried flowers, wicker furniture, dusty rose, and lacy tablecloths. now, i know all of this was very popular in the 80's and 90's, but it just never seemed that 'cool' to me.

then, about a year ago i picked up an issue of Country Living that caught my eye and i was pleased to find that much of it totally appealed to me. meet today's Country Living...

every issue has great decorating ideas from real homes, tasty recipes, information about gardening and taking care of pets, travel, DIY projects, flea market calendars, and most importantly- lots of collections of vintage items and antiques. not everything in each issue is my style, but i really enjoy poring over the pages, finding inspiration for my own home, and keeping up on what other people might be collecting. 

{photo by Lucas Allen, via Country Living}
{photo by Lucas Allen, via Country Living}
{photo by Tim Street-Porter, via Country Living}
if you haven't checked out Country Living lately, i'd encourage you to pick up an issue or check out their website- i think you'll find something to enjoy in there! 

have a brand or product that's tried and true for you? i'd love to share it here- just leave me a comment or send me a message and we'll set it up!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

finds to fancy: late edition

how is it already Sunday evening? this past week, and really the entire month of May so far, has just flown by!

i realize that i skipped finds to fancy this last friday, so in an attempt to make up for it, here's a little peek at some of my fav finds from the week...

fun colors!
cameras! (that instamatic in front is exactly like my mom's) 
party game in near perfect condition 
love the instructions in that brass pill box
fiber art? check. seashells? check.  pastels? check. 
classic 70's polaroid 
tempted to keep this desk lamp for myself 
i was just wishing i had some of these last week! 
a new horse for my little collection 
cool old darts with real feathers
a mini printing press
everyone loves these light cages 

i didn't have much time to hunt this week (farm chicks prep is king these days), but i hit a few sales on friday and they yielded some good finds!

what did you find this past week? i'd love to see! you can also join me in playing along with Her Library Adventures in her weekly Flea Market Finds share-along! take a look at the fun finds over there, then share your own link!
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