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One side is highly sought after, selling stock of Cheap Jordans, one side is the sporting goods industry headache inventory. The former has been speculation as investment goods, which are discounts. In addition to Nike, the domestic sports brand also launched with the signing of players paragraph basketball shoes, such as Wade Road Li Ning, Anta KG series, Pick Parker TP9 generation. However, the brand mixed ancestry, play France also distinctive.

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Recently the American media exposed a message of so many Cheap Jordans fans fear endless. News that Michael Jordan intends next year, which is the Air Jordan 30 years on the occasion of the sale to stop cooperation with Nike, but Nike Chinese side has denied this news. Insiders believe that the credibility of the message is not high, "Jordan ended cooperation with Nike, meaning he lost a $ 70 million profit a year, he now has a team to support, and should not be abandoned Nike, himself go rebuild the brand. "

In addition to endless fear of fans, there are a large number of full-time speculation shoes off. An Cheap Jordans told the Beijing Daily Reporter senior players, most of the counter people are not queuing to grab the shoes he wears, but reselling. "Air Jordan shoes original price is usually 1,189 yuan, 1,249 yuan, 1,429 yuan and 1,749 yuan, in addition to more than 46 low markups big yards, small yards can generally be Scoop 3000-3500 yuan, Charity Series to 5000-12000 yuan. "priced at 1,999 yuan a joint singer limited edition shoes, already fry 29,999 yuan.

This is not unique to China's current situation, the United States is also true. One for the U.S. "Black Friday" consumer survey "Most Americans want to buy anything" shows, the first is a limited edition Air Jordan.

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For the Cheap Real Jordans, most people are not "buy", but "rush." Every time new sale or replenishment, many stores can be seen queuing through the night scene. These people may be AirJordan fans, there may be their price 200 yuan per person to hire a professional line up. In the eyes of the people of Cheap Real Jordans sneakers worn by every generation has a legendary story, cultural values ??much higher than all the shoes technology brings. But berserk behind, wearing Cheap Real Jordans basketball players is not much. This may also explain why, despite the Air Jordan will be exposed quality issues, but still hard to find a shoe.

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Can not be ignored is that, Cheap Jordans Online fiery perhaps its extreme imbalance of supply and demand related. An Cheap Jordans Online fans to Beijing Daily reporter said, "A few years ago more than 600 yuan will be able to buy a pair in the store AJ7 positive generation, now engraved version of the shoes are in limited supply, the higher the price the more speculation, almost every increase buy. "A Cheap Jordans Online fans, said in Beijing Oriental Plaza Jordan in addition to stores and Nike Beijing Wangfujing, the other counters how many there will be various Nike Jordan's together regional, or at least mix and match with the sale, but relatively small. For whether it will increase the supply of the Chinese market, Nike did not respond to the Chinese side Beijing Daily Reporter.

Under the Cheap Jordans Online unable to meet consumer demand, the market spawned speculation shoes off, while exacerbating the spread of copycat shoe. Taobao various price Cheap Jordans Free Shipping, even as low as 100 yuan, but sales are still considerable.

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"Star Cheap Retro Jordans sneakers selling point is the 'experience + follow'." Deputy Director Liu Xiang, the Olympic brand management center believes that Jordan himself is unique charm can not be copied, only he can enjoy an independent brand of treatment. However, the advantage is that you can fast-Star sneakers intervene in the market, to enter the consumer perspective, brands can drive sales with a star's influence, the domestic sports brand also launched with the signing of players paragraph basketball shoes. However, according to their respective brand positioning, play France also vary.

Li Ning, the company said, "Wade Road Series products are generally through physical stores Li Ning Li Ning official online store and offline sales, only part of the implementation of the special color limited edition Cheap Retro Jordans basketball shoes." Statistics show that from October 2012 signing NBA star Dwyane Wade, Wade Road released the first product to date, Wade Road Cheap Retro Jordans basketball shoes has launched the second generation, the general color of the product sale price of conventional basic between 800-900 yuan, while, according to some important event or Wade individual needs, but also to launch 10 models of color were limited special sale price of more than one thousand yuan.

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Liu said the Olympic course, want their brand to become a classic star product market, but these require a long period of accumulation of precipitation, regardless of the brand or the star himself. "In the domestic market, Parker shoes fill volume of nearly 100,000 pairs." And in the pursuit of professionalism and desire rising star product, meaning smaller dumping products. According to its introduction, Pick and Shane Parker signature shoes currently on the market priced at more than 500 yuan, Olympic star Cheap Jordans For Sale basketball shoes constantly increase the price, and the future will consider a limited, pre-sale and other modes .

Anta, in contrast, last September, Anta's spokesperson, NBA star Kevin Garnett exclusive launch of its fourth generation personal signature Cheap Jordans For Sale basketball shoes --KG4, only 399 yuan price, whereas the previous three generations of products from KG1 to KG3, have been set at 699 yuan price. In positioning in the mass market seems Anta, cost is a factor in consumer value. Data show that the first three generations of Cheap Jordans Basketball Shoes, the total sales of less than 100,000 pairs, while the 399 yuan of "national shoes" listed last year Q3, Q4 shipments is the sum of the last three years the players shoe shipments.

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